More People. More Places. More Possibilities.

3P Ride is an initiative of rabbittransit and community partners focused on expanding transportation options to better connect people to their community. Older adults and people with disabilities are core partners for project planning and implementation to “get more people to more places, and open up more possibilities.”

What is Shared Ride?

“Access to Care” is a committee formed to help bridge the gap between healthcare and transportation. This initiative identified a general lack of awareness regarding Public Transportation options, primarily Shared Ride/Paratransit, including how this service can better meet mobility needs. rabbittransit created this awareness video to help educate healthcare professionals, community stakeholders and the general public on “What is Shared Ride?”.

Click here to view the video with closed captioning.

What is the goal of 3P Ride?

To improve the mobility experience to better connect people to their community.



With riders on our committee, the program aims to learn more about what you want and need for better transportation. To learn more or get involved call 717.846.RIDE (7433) or email


We want to hear from you! What would help connect you?


More Buses.
More Routes.
More Times.

Working with health centers to book a Shared Ride when making an appointment.


Team up with volunteers and organizations that would provide rides.

Have an idea?


3P Ride will actively involve older adults and people with disabilities in the planning, implementation and review of a project to expand transit options to:

  • Actively involve older adults and people with disabilities in the 3P Ride project to enhance current transportation options
  • Better understand individual needs and barriers by listening and talking to current public transportation users
  • Expand the number and type of transportation providers
  • Expand services to include more evening and weekend hours
  • Provide same day service for specific situations
  • Increase partnerships in the community to share resources
  • Educate the public regarding transportation options


Research and Data Committee

  • Actively participates in determining data collection activities.

Public Education, Awareness, Training Committee

  • Defines specific barriers (from data analysis) and develops PR and training processes in response to identified need.

Resource Identification Committee

  • Works to identify  non-public resources related to transportation (volunteers, for profit, non-profit, churches, etc).

Volunteer Resources Committee

  • Identifies volunteer transit providers, barriers and resources needed for sustainability and expansion, best practices, etc.

Outcome and Output measures Committee

  • Develops processes to track outcomes, outputs, and deliverables to maintain adherence to project goals and timeline, and hold project accountable to inclusionary standards.

Transportation Partnership on Mobility (TPOM) Committee

  • Advocacy group that discusses solutions for issues in public transportation including improving mobility services.